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Animal People Alliance was started as an income generation project of Her Future Coalition (Formerly Made By Survivors) in 2014, in partnership with Singer, Belinda Carlisle. We have now established the former project as a Registered Limited Company in the UK under the Charity category and over the coming months will be applying to the Charities Commission to become a UK Registered Charity.

After much discussion we decided that we will be able to fulfill our mission more effectively and efficiently if we were a separate entity with more control over our goals and resources. We want to thank the team at Her Future Coalition (Formerly Made By Survivors) for believing in this project and allowing us to start under their wing and guidance. We couldn’t have come this far without them!

Going forward we will be working hard to deliver on our promise to improve the effectiveness of already existing animal NGOs by providing funding and resources to help them achieve their goals easier and help as many animals as possible. In addition, we will continue to focus on recruiting, training and employing people with limited economic opportunities and provide them with a chance to earn a good living by helping animals and keeping themselves free of exploitation.

We are very excited for this new direction and are anxious to get started. For more details on our current projects check out the Blog section of our website!

Our History

Animal People Alliance was a partner project between Her Future Coalition (Formerly Made By Survivors) and Singer, Belinda Carlisle. The idea of the project came about by trying to find ways to help the street animals of Kolkata while at the same time keeping true to the mission of empowering women. Our solution was to create an employment project for women at risk, to learn basic animal welfare skills and use those skills to get a job at local animal NGOs, which are in dire need of people who want to work with animals. We have partnered with two Animal NGOs working in India, Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur and Mothers Heart Sarsuna in Kolkata who assist in training interested women and considering them for employment once the training is complete.

For the past 10 years, Her Future Coalition (Formerly Made by Survivors) has been an international leader in survivor employment and reintegration, giving abused and vulnerable women the counseling, education, shelter, and job opportunities they need to heal and rejoin society.