Why We Join This Training



Many a times we have witnessed the animals on streets and lanes suffering haplessly, but could not offer any relief to them actually. There has been a constant thought on mind, to give them some help, but we were clueless about what to do.  At that time only, we came to know, through my daughter, who works with Mangli Trust, that the owner of Trust, Govind, was actually looking for two women who can serve and treat the animals in distress, through a group called Animal People Alliance.

So both my Sister and I decided to join the training. We met Govind Sir and he helped us to have a talk with Paul and Belinda from Animal People Alliance. They agreed to bear all expenditure and informed us that we can go to Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur for three months, to get the training and learn how to perform basic care for the animals. This makes us very proud.

Both Paul and Govind, encouraged us a lot and we came to Udaipur. We joined Animal Aid and liked everything about it very much. We always stay ready to serve our duties with proper care. Today it was a holiday for us, so we went out for a lunch. We met many dogs on road, and we felt as they were Mouli, Gabbar, Chintu, Suraj, Deepak, Tanu, Tanuja, the dogs we met at Animal Aid. We realize that all dogs are the same and they all need our love and compassion. We are very thankful to Animal Aid Unlimited and Animal People Alliance. We feel we can help now.

  • Rajni

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