Animal People Update from Belinda

Well, I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since the last blog.  2016 is flying by! Since the beginning of the year both myself and Animal People Alliance have been very busy. I have finally finished a musical studio project and a tour of Australia. Plus I’m getting ready for another U.S. tour. Animal People has been working on the ground in Kolkata through direct action and by supporting local animal NGO’s. Local staff are personally working with several populations of local street animals by:  

  • treating severe cases of fleas
  • providing shelter, food and medicine to several groups of stray cats
  • providing shelter, food and medical treatment for issues ranging from a broken leg from a hit and run accident, mange, pregnancy and even cancer. We provided chemotherapy for a dog named Ludo (the same dog btw who was a victim of the hit and run) and she’s just been given a clean bill of health!
  • Working with local kids and teaching them how to properly care for animals, read their body language and help improve their living conditions on the streets.
Ludo getting first round of chemo.

Ludo getting first round of chemo.

As you know one of our missions is to train vulnerable women to become veterinary nurses and animal caregivers by sending them to our great friends at Animal Aid Unlimited, in Udaipur, one of the first animal hospitals and sanctuaries in India. Unfortunately this has been delayed while we search for the right candidates. But now I’m happy to say that it looks like we have found our first group! They are located in Darjeeling and are associated with a great NGO’ based out of Atlanta called The Learning Tea. We even have several veterinarians and animal NGOs in the Darjeeling area who are anxious to hire the women once they finish the training!

I’m also really excited to announce our fundraising for this coming September . The 2016 Animal People Alliance Fundraising and Cultural Immersion trip will take place in Kolkata and Sikkim, India from September 30th – October 10th.  I’ve never been to Sikkim myself – so this will be a new experience for me.  Sikkim actually has been very successful with their animal welfare programs and we are going to visit some of the organizations and see how they are dealing with the problems and issues surrounding street animals. Besides visiting NGO’s on this trip – we of course will be doing sightseeing.  There are many things to see in Sikkim – monasteries, temples and of course the Himalayas. At the end of the trip we will be returning from Sikkim to Kolkata just in time for Durga Puja; the big festival celebrating the Hindu Goddess, Durga.  The whole city is in celebration mode and it’s something to see.  Kolkata, I like to say, is divine chaos at it’s finest.  There is definitely no other city in the world like it.  

APA projects

Anyone who is interested in coming on this immersion trip can get the information on the Animal People Alliance website and Facebook page. You can also send an email to Paul at

If you are considering coming along for the trip, reserve your place now, there are only a few places left.   I hope to see you there!


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