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RSCN0200Animal People Alliance (APA) is a project of The Emancipation Network / Made By Survivors, which has been working to improve the lives of slavery survivors through economic empowerment and education since 2005. We are honored to be partnering with singer/songwriter Belinda Carlisle on this initiative. Belinda has a long and passionate association with animal rights and welfare and has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to helping the animals of India and other parts of the world and create a culture of compassion that future generations can learn from.

This project will help to address two problems at once, head on, by training and employing human survivors to work with and help animal survivors.

Our plan is ambitious and far reaching in scope. We have so many wonderful ideas to implement that we know will make positive changes to the lives of thousands of animals and people around the world. But we can’t do it without your help and support. It’s not about giving money but about getting involved and staying involved.

We need you to SPEAK UP, SHARE our updates, LIKE our pictures, INTERACT with our page, BE VOCAL and help us get the word out about all the the great stuff people around the world are doing to help improve lives of Animal and People.

The mission of this new project is to provide high quality care to street animals in need while also providing high quality employment to survivors of human rights abuses and other vulnerable populations. To address the root causes of animal neglect and abuse, we will put a strong emphasis on changing the consciousness for future generations, and raising awareness about the value of human relationships with animals and the need to treat animals humanely.

shutterstock_155301899Our objectives are to create a national network to train and employ vulnerable youth and women as veterinary technicians, dog handlers, animal caregivers, etc. offering ongoing training, oversight and resources to the trainees and to the shelters where they are ultimately employed. We will partner with existing animal shelters and help to improve their resources and infrastructure so they can accommodate more animals and have a bigger impact.

In addition we will work with local shelter homes for women and children, to help integrate animals into their community and allow them to help each other recover from their traumas and problems. We will conduct workshops to teach the women and children how to properly care for and raise animals and show them how animals can be an integral part of the community and family.

Our survivor-activists will offer workshops in schools and communities to raise awareness and to promote a culture of compassion for animals.

Please come with us on this journey and show the world that you are Animal People!

For more information on The Emancipation Network / Made By Survivors visit our website or Facebook page


  1. Janet sydoruk June 14, 2015

    Meant how do I donate to help the animals

    • Paul Suit July 6, 2015

      HI Janet,

      Thanks for your interest in Animal People Alliance. We just redid the website to make it a bit more user friendly and informative. You can check out our donate page here http://animalpeoplealliance.com/?page_id=49 if you would like to donate. Let us know if you have any questions! Best Wishes!

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